Thursday, August 14, 2008
Negative MSM Coverage of Obama

Sept. 23 - Not sure if this list will live to see another day, but we are starting to notice negativity from Obama's most Commie of friends, the Mainstream Media. Are they putting themselves on record as forecasting his defeat, so not to be labeled "the liberal media"? (As if anyone would be fooled). Or, are they trying to shock the Obama team into a course correction that will lead to victory? All we know is his campaign needs help, and he isn't getting as much as he expected from the MSM.

USA Today - Sept. 18. "McCain has a longer record of bucking his party's orthodoxy."

Time - Sept. 23. Referring to Obama pulling staff out of some states: "the contracting playing field does narrow the Democrat's potential paths to the Presidency." U/T: Hugh Hewitt.

Cartoon from Townhall.

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