Thursday, August 14, 2008
Top Ten Reasons Obama is not a Communist
posted 4.22.11.

The top ten reasons why Obama is NOT a Communist:

10) Stalin wouldn't go golfing with an unemployment rate over 9%.

9) Communism invented the concentration camp, Obama invented 99 weeks of unemployment benefits.

8) Lenin spoke without a teleprompter.

7) Different lines: Kryuschev had bread lines. Obama wants MRI lines.

6) Mao's wife, Jiang Qing, didn't feel compelled to lead the fight against obesity. (Or did she?)

5) KGB checks your papers. TSA x-rays your underwear.

4) Communist regimes prioritize their military spending.

3) Obama's death counseling is conducted indoors. Pol Pot's death counseling was conducted in the fields.

2) If the Soviet Union wanted firearms to cross their border into a neighboring country, they would have carried the weapons themselves.

1) Obama only nationalized 2/3 of the auto industry.

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