Thursday, August 14, 2008
2012 GOP Disqualification List

The 2012 primaries are still 8 months away (from our first posting here), but the MSM is all giddy over some of the prospective nominees. So we decided to keep a list of the potential nominees. We further will update this list as the GOP players qualify/disqualify themselves in our eyes.

Let us be clear: the GOP nominee will get our vote in November (unless it is Ron Paul). Further, we are on record as saying our primary vote will go to Sarah Palin if we're given the opportunity. So, this list will show who else qualifies for our primary vote, and hopefully will influence your decision too. Click the green/red text to see our reasoning.

Sarah Palin

John Bolton*

Allen West*

Michelle Bachman

Newt Gingrich

Ron Paul

Herman Cain

Rick Perry

Mitt Romney

Jeff Daniels

* Owners of our Commie Obama hat!

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