Thursday, August 14, 2008
WIP: Moral Equivilency
This article is a "Work in Progress" (WIP). I plan to edit and refine as new information, events, ideas and your comments dictate. Let me know what you think! - Karl

Democrats are morally equivalent to Republicans like the Palestinians are morally equivalent to the Israelis.

The morally equivalent argument is common within the Middle East debate. It needs to be a part of our political debate too.

When Palestinians send their people to suicide missions with the hope of killing as many Israeli innocents as possible, they cannot claim moral equivalency when complaining about Israeli military strikes against Hamas and Fatah militants. One murders innocents, the other defends innocents by targeting the murderers.

Contrast with America’s political parties.

Since we live by the two party system, we are correct to expect that when a Democrat politician opens his/her mouth, you will hear an intelligent counter, a different perspective, another solution to an important issue. Unfortunately, the Democratic party has far extended their license of moral equivalency. They are bankrupt of moral authority. They do not deserve this expectation

Karl’s open question since 2000 has yet to be answered:

Name a Democratic party national agenda item that they executed during their 40-year reign that benefited a majority of Americans without harming others.

Many ways to make my point here. I’ve made it. In short, the Green Party has more moral authority than the nation’s second largest political party. We know what the Green’s stand for, what they would do if in charge. They’ve announced their agenda until they were green-in-the-face! The Democrats - no agenda.


They are on pace to kill more innocents than Communism.

They run for office by criticizing Republicans and announcing when they will present their agenda.

They survive by artificial means – union dues, biased media, victimhood, and emotional outbursts.

They are a disjointed blob of foreign matter fueled by in-fighting, finger-pointing, and conspiracy theories.

Their ideas are artificially re-inforced by large protests, attended by 60's re-treads and wanna-be re-treads with the primary goal to protest, and the issue-du-jour as secondary.

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