Thursday, August 14, 2008
List: Liberal Successes
At risk of exceeding bandwidth allowances, we at will post an exhaustive list of successful polcies visualized and executed by America's Leftists. We, too, are tired of giving Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrinch and W. all the credit.

Don't see a known success? Leave it in a comment, and we will post with the obigatory ushanaka-tip!

Liberal Successes:

Liberals Have Lowered the Homicide Rate

By fighting for abortion rights, and promoting abortion within their ranks – primarily black and poor - America’s tolerant liberals have reduced the production of humans that will have a higher-than-average (9 to 1) propensity for crime. This has resulted in a lower homicide rate.

How many homicides today? Abortion to homicide ratio? How many abortions are needed to bring the rate to zero?

Liberals Have Raised Environmental Awareness

You can lead a guilt-ridden American to buy a hybrid at a 20% premium, but you can't make her hug a tree. Despite the 2.6 million metric tons of lead in hybrid batteries in use today, and in our landfills tomorrow, our commie bed-wetters have succeeded in convincing the weak-minded envious among us that they are doing Earth a favor. Success is success, however bad it is for the environment. Congrats Commies!

Liberals won both houses of Congress without an Agenda

This list is for true accomplishments - winning an election does nothing for the people. But, it is impressive nonetheless that voters can be sold on a product without knowing what they are buying. The Pelosi/Reid democrats of 2006 deserve credit. And if this current democratic majority is voted out in 2008 because they added nothing else to this list, well, used-car lots across this great land will be fully staffed.

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