Thursday, August 14, 2008
List: Obama and Terrorism
Obama's shift from the primaries to the general election has led to some questions about his stand on terrorism. Questions that his primary supporters on the fringe left chose not to ask. We chose to track these recurring themes in a list rather than daily blog posts that get buried over time.

5.9.08 - Ace of Spades Blog post, Obama Fires Advisor for Conducting Talks with Terrorist Hamas. Fired for the talks, or fired because the talks became public???

4.25.08 - Little Green Footballs Blog post, Topic: Hatem El-Hady

Hamas supporter had a profile on Obama's website, then didn't. LGF has the three incriminating screen shots - 1) Profile page with Michelle Obama as one of three friends, 2) Profile page with Michelle's name removed, and 3) Missing Profile page.

in El-Hady we have someone who is apparently connected with Hamas—not decades ago, but as recently as 2006.

4.23.08 - Red Sounding Philip Eveland blog post, Obama and the Weather Underground.

4.1.08 - ObamaWTF Lee Kaplan, How Obama's Church and Associates Link Him to the ISM.

...Obama stated that the Palestinians must renounce the right of return, the Catch 22 used by the PLO and its front group, the International Solidarity Movement, that prevents any other solution to the Middle East conflict other than the dismantling of Israel as a Jewish state.

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ObamaWTF - Obama and Terrorism List

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