Thursday, August 14, 2008
List: Democrat Campaign Promises
We're keeping a list of campaign promises and actual agenda commitments from the Democrat candidates. We'll add to the list as promises are made. Should be fun!


November 13, 2007 $2 Billion Paid Family Leave

September 2, 2007 Mandatory Doctor Visits for All

July 27, 2007 Raise the Capital Gains Tax from 15% to 28%

July 18, 2007 Tax-Payer Paid Abortion

May 3, 2007 Will investigate WTC7 Collapse.


January 15, 2008 (Las Vegas Debate): Will freeze interest rates for 5 years

September 4, 2007 Promises to Save Social Security [from privatization]

"This is the most successful domestic program in the history of the United States," Clinton said to applause from seniors gathered in Washington to push their policy agenda. "When I'm president, privatization is off the table because it's not the answer to anything."

July 14, 2007 Pledges Tax Raise for Investment Firm Managers

May 21, 2007 Pledges $10 Billion for Pre-Kindergarten Program

April 22, 2007 Pledges to begin Diplomatic Talks with US Enemies
July 24, 2007 Discourages talks with US Enemies, Will be seen as "Propoganda"

B. Hussein Obama

October 1, 2007 Eliminate All Nuclear Weapons in the World

September 22, 2007 Social Security Tax Hike

August 1, 2007 Will send troops into [Muslim, Nuclear] Pakistan

July 24, 2007 Pledges to begin Diplomatic Talks with US Enemies

July 18, 2007 Sex Education in Kindergarten

July 18, 2007 Tax-Payer Paid Abortion



October 1, 2007 Full and Immediate US Withdrawl from Iraq

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